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Fair Go: August 14

Published: 1:54PM Wednesday August 14, 2013 Source: Fair Go

Your parking, towing, clamping questions

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

You asked the questions - we've got some answers

After our story on Wellington company City Towing Ltd we asked you to send us your questions about parking, clamping and towing.

We say City Towing Ltd (CTL) is towing unlawfully because it doesn't have the licence it needs.

We heard from quite a few people towed by CTL, especially from a bank car park in Kilbirnie, near the airport.

And plenty of you wanted to know this - if CTL is towing unlawfully, then isn't that conversion or trespass?

We got a legal expert to answer that, and more.

List of towie licences

Towing companies must have a particular licence to operate a vehicle recovery service - a Transport Service Licence (TSL).

Wellington company City Towing Ltd doesn’t have a current TSL, and that’s why we say it’s towing unlawfully. City Towing Ltd hasn’t bothered to reply.

We asked the Transport Agency for a full list of all TSL holders, so you can check if the company that towed you is on the list.

For the list, click here



Reporter: Mark Crysell

Mahoe Glade in Patumahoe is only two years old and just 40 minutes from the ratrace of downtown Auckland. It looks and behaves like any other suburban street apart from one crucial thing - New Zealand Post won't deliver mail there even though it rural delivery route goes past Mahoe Glade 6 days a week.

NZ Post says the kerbing is unsafe for rural delivery but also admits that financially they have to start drawing a line about where they deliver mail. Letter mail volumes have dropped by 30 percent over the past decade and this year NZ Post will deliver 60 million fewer letters than last year. The SOE has signalled it may have to go down to three day a week mail delivery.

NZ Post has offered the residents of Mahoe Glade the option of a cluster box but they've turned it down saying they're unsightly and lower property values - they don't think that's fair that they're missing out on free mail delivery but are they a sign of the future?



Reporter: Libby Middlebrook

Kirk and Louise Rae were delighted, when they came across a $9 Nikon camera kit on the Harvey Norman website.

They paid for it with their credit card, and received order confirmation, but later that day Harvey Norman suddenly bailed out of the deal.

The company said there had been a mistake with the price, and the camera usually retailed at over $1000.

The Rae's believed they bought the camera, when it was ordered and paid for. But in its terms and conditions, Harvey Norman reserves the right to pull out of any deal, for any reason, including mistakes in the sale price. The company's apologised, processed a refund, and offered the Rae's a $50 voucher.


Reporter: Pippa Wetzell

There are certain things that we Kiwis take very seriously and one of them is Hokey Pokey. So when Fair Go heard from Amanda Milne a bit disillusioned by the consistency of the "bits" in her Tip Top Hokey Pokey ice cream we thought we better get to the bottom of it.

We talk to Colin - who's been rolling ice creams for forty years as well as visiting the Tip Top factory and conducting our own not-so-scientific test. Along the way we learn a lot about a long time kiwi favourite

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