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An arm and a leg

Published: 4:52PM Wednesday September 08, 2010 Source: Fair Go

Reporter: Phil Vine

Bo Fenton's an outdoorsy sort of  bloke. Hunting, 4 wheel driving, fishing, boating and skiing. He lives in the best place for it, Queenstown. Only now, he gets around on one leg after a break in Vanuatu left him with a scratch on his shin that got infected with the flesh-eating bacteria necrotising fasciitis.

Surgeons had to take off his right leg at the hip. Bo had trauma or living assurance with Sovereign. It's supposed to kick in when you get a serious medical condition and survive.

He was sold it by the ASB bank when he got his mortgage five years ago. 

But he was more than a little surprised when he made his claim. They pointed to a clause 22 pages into the policy which says they only pay out for the loss of two limbs. 

Fair Go confronted Sovereign about this.  We believe the policy is ambiguous and confusing.

Sovereign's General Manager for Marketing and Product David Drillien disagreed, although they have now changed the terms of the policy since Bo's claim.

Sovereign and Bo have now reached a confidential settlement to help Bo with his rehabilitation.

ASB bank has also set up a trust account for Bo. The account number is 12-3205-0140668-00.  You can also make donations by phoning ASB on 0800 803 804.

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