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Russell Crowe doing what he does best

Published: 7:56PM Monday May 17, 2010 Source: ONE News

Love him or hate him Russell Crowe has had quite the interesting life, but the man known for his altercations both on and off the camera has now settled down into family life.

Close Up spoke to Crowe about his latest film Robin Hood and learnt that the man who has risen from a New Zealand pop singer in the 80s to an Oscar winning actor rates only two things as important to him - his family and his beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs.

You don't want to get on the wrong side of Crowe so when he says "get it done" that's exactly what you do. And getting it done is exactly the message he is delivering to the All Blacks.

"I think the All Blacks are probably three World Cups short of where they should be, so it's probably about time to put the stamp down on world rugby again and just get it done," he says.

Having attended Auckland Grammar with sports mad cousins Jeff and Martin, Crowe takes his sport very seriously but it was not the path for him.

Crowe says sport was always on his mind but he realised that area was heavily covered when his cousin Martin had scored so many centuries for Auckland Grammar that they didn't have any awards left to give him.

So he decided to cut his own path and soon he too started receiving accolades - the biggest one being the Best Actor Oscar.

Crowe says the journey to reaching that point is quite surreal, but not by any means a fast or easy one.

"I started working in front of the camera when I was six and I didn't get my first lead role in a feature film till I was 25 so I was well versed in it...had done a lot of different things in order to pretend to make my living as an entertainer.

"There was certain point when I was 21 where I realised that I had actually discovered the thing that I was good at and that had always been important to me in my life&that's also the reason why I put away those dreams of sporting achievement, because I didn't want to do something for the sake of doing it, I wanted to do something because I could do it really well," he says.

Crowe has settled down into family life now and these days his rage is confined to the big screen.

When looking at how much of himself is in the character Robin Hood he says it is something you can't get away from.

"With what I do for a job, you take yourself and your attitude to the characters all the time, you can pretend you don't but that's not the reality."

He says it is the kind of Robin Hood he always imagined.

"Take all the clichés, the things you think you know about Robin Hood and just throw them away because if you go to this movie expecting to see them you're going to be greatly disappointed," Crowe says.