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Robbie Williams feels sorry for OneD's Harry Styles

Published: 4:22PM Saturday September 15, 2012 Source: BANG Showbiz

Robbie Williams has said he feels sorry for Harry Styles.

The former Take That member is sad that the One Direction singer won't get to live out the perks of being famous as much as he did - in particular enjoying wild nights out without being caught.

"I feel a bit for Harry," he told The Sun newspaper.

"At his age I was in this lilywhite boyband, Take That.

"But I was meeting up with mates, jumping out of the tour bus and into a Transit van at motorway service stations all around the country.

"No one had a camera phone."

Harry, 18, is extremely popular with the ladies, something Robbie can identify with.

"It's only natural a lad in a boyband will be compared to me at some point," he continued.

"Everybody is a ladies' man or a man's man, whatever your persuasion might be. He's just having a nice time."

But the star admitted he is slightly envious of Harry's youth and what he has to look forward to.

Robbie added: "I see Harry through bitter-getting-old-and-married-and-can't-do-all-of-that-any-more eyes.

"Also, I've got a lot of love for him and One Direction.

"On the pie chart, the love outweighs the bitterness - but the bitterness is in there too."