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The Queen still 'a bona fide style queen' - Minogue

Published: 12:08PM Tuesday May 08, 2012 Source: BANG Showbiz

  • Queen, 60 years on the throne  (Source: ONE News)
    Queen, 60 years on the throne - Source: ONE News

Dannii Minogue has hailed Queen Elizabeth as a "fashion icon".

The Australia's Got Talent judge admires the way the 86-year-old monarch still makes daring style choices instead of just "sauntering into fuddy-duddy land".

She said: "A grandmother several times over, the queen could be forgiven for sauntering into fuddy-duddy land, but instead, she dresses age-appropriately, sticking to colour-blocking suits she knows, and getting it so right.

"Look no further than the primrose dress she wore to Catherine and William's wedding, and the series of

acid-brights she wore for last year's tour of Australia.

"There aren't lots of octogenarian fashion icons, but this 86-year-old is a bona fide style queen."

Minogue is particularly impressed with the way the queen manages to look stylish while also dressing appropriately to suit her busy schedule of public engagements.

She added to Glamour magazine: "Her wardrobe is a triumph of stylish functionality.

"When she stepped off the plane in Australia last October, she spent most of her 11-day tour walking around, meeting her subjects.

"Her courtiers must think through every single element of her attire."