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Pat Benatar prepares to 'rock hard' at New Zealand gigs

Published: 7:00PM Thursday February 14, 2013 Source: ONE News

Rocker Pat Benatar and her song-writing, guitar-playing husband Neil Giraldo are in New Zealand for the first time to perform a series of concerts.

The couple have been touring together for 35 years and say that while they've grown out of some of their hits - the classics - they could perform forever.

"I'm just hoping they're not expecting us to be 26," said Benatar of concert-goers.

"We rock like we're 21 though," Giraldo told ONE News. "We're gona rock hard, we rock hard."

Benatar says she has grown out some of her songs.

"When that happens your whole perspective changes," she said.

"Where you are in your life some songs don't fit as well for you as before, so you do them anyway but those are always just kind of funny. But a lot of them just stand up and they work. Especially like Heart Breaker and Promises in the Dark and Battlefield. You can do those forever."

The duo have won four Grammy Awards and had 14 Top 40 singles, proving they're a winning combination.

"If I come up with an idea I'll write a song. I'll bring a song idea to Patricia, she looks at it, she likes it, we continue on with it," said Giraldo.

"Until we met each other and played together, that's when it all kinda gelled," said Benatar.

"He was the catalyst to make my voice leap to that place where it needed to be and his guitar playing was this raucous thing so when the two things combined that's how it began."

The night of the Wellington concert next week is their 31st wedding anniversary and after this trip the couple plan to renew their vows.

They will be playing in Taupo, Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.