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LA mayor declares state of emergency, blames NZ

Published: 1:11PM Wednesday August 28, 2013 Source: ONE News

The mayor of Los Angeles says New Zealand and other countries are taking film and television work from Hollywood, prompting him to declare a "state of emergency".

Eric Garcetti was elected in May and says the city's pre-eminence in the entertainment industry is under pressure from other US cities as well New Zealand, the UK, Australia and Canada.

The Guardian says film and television production is "haemorrhaging" from its traditional home and he is going to try to attract more film and TV to LA.

Garcetti 's campaign was backed and largely funded by members of the entertainment industry, the Guardian says. He told Variety he would introduce a Hollywood "tsar" to "fight a lot of fights".

"If we don't put a lot of strength toward winning a couple of battles in this war, we are just going to continue to be left behind on the battlefield."

New Zealand is among several countries to offer more favourable subsidies than Hollywood.

Last month cast and crew working on The Hobbit celebrated the last day of filming in Wellington. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, followed by The Hobbit series, has meant 14 years of movie making in the capital.

Around 5,600 cast and crew have been employed during the creation of The Hobbit series.

Tourism New Zealand has thrown much of its budget at advertising based on The Hobbit, and says the movie has played a part in 8.5% of all visitors coming here.

The Lord of the Rings generated millions for the country, and the film trilogies are expected to continue to draw tourists to the country.

Post-production work is continuing on the movies. The second instalment of the trilogy, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, opens in December and the final instalment, There and Back Again, will be released a year later.