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Lorde's parents 'in shock' after Grammys success

Published: 5:23AM Tuesday January 28, 2014 Source: ONE News

Lorde's parents say they are shocked about their daughter's double wins at the Grammy Awards last night.

Lorde secured the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance and her smash hit Royals was voted Song of the Year at the prestigious ceremony in Los Angeles.

Lorde's mother became emotional this morning as she recalled her daughter's success on the music industry's biggest night.

"As a mum when I sat there I was in shock. I was absolutely in shock.

"It's so exciting. We're so proud of her," Sonja Yelich told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report.

Lorde's father, Vic O'Connor agreed, saying they were both "dumbfounded" and "very thrilled" when their daughter's name was called out for Best Pop Solo Performance.

Ms Yelich revealed today was just "another day" for Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich O'Connor.

"She's a very calm person she handles these things very well."

Ms Yelich said Lorde briefly went to a couple of after-parties, including Universal Music's event, after the awards, before joining close friends and family at their hotel to celebrate.

Lorde told she was "stoked" about her awards.

When asked if she was surprised about her "unconventional" music being awarded, she replied: "This time the weirdo won out."

Lorde took to Twitter overnight to express her gratitude.

Lorde's sister India Yelich-O'Connor praised her sister on Twitter after her Grammy wins.