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Lipgoss: The secret Olsen sister

opinion Anna Hart

By Anna Hart Showbiz Gossip Columnist

Published: 9:48AM Friday January 07, 2011 Source: ONE News

Hot celebrity trend alert: Secret sisters! That's right. If you've got one, now's the time to wheel her out. Because 21-year-old Elizabeth Olsen (just guess... go on...) has been named a "face to watch in 2011" by Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford.

If you didn't even know there was a third, eerily replicate, Olsen, don't stress about your pop culture credentials just yet. Currently, Elizabeth is significantly less famous than her sisters. (Lipgoss has found a way to scientifically gauge fame - counting the number of seconds it takes to scroll through their Wikipedia page. Mary Kate is a respectable 10. Elizabeth scrapes in at 2.5 Wikiseconds.)

But that's all set to change in 2011, if Chace is to be believed. And we'd take anything that comes out of that chap's mouth as the gospel truth. Just look into his eyes!

The other secret sisters to join their siblings in the fame game are Kendall and Kylie Jenner, half-sisters to the Kardashian triumvirate. Kendall (15 years old, 3 Wikiseconds) and Kendall (13 years old, 0 Wikiseconds - loser!) appear in Teen Vogue this week. Big sis Kim duly did some cross-promotional/sisterly blogging, gushing: "Kendall and Kylie look SO amazing in this month's issue of Teen Vogue!! I love the fun, young theme of the shoot and their outfits are gorgeous! I'm so incredibly proud of my little sisters."

And Khloe weighed in with: "They look absolutely beautiful and sound so mature and grown up in their interview. I die for them. 2011 is going to be even bigger than 2010 for these two. They're going to be doing some major things! I love my baby sisters! So proud of them :)"

Sigh. One thing's for sure: The letter "K" won't be retreating from the limelight anytime soon.

Fashion advice from the experts

If you've got a serious frock-related decision looming, don't bother asking stylists, designers or bitchy Z-list celebrities for advice. In fact, you should stay clear of Next Top Model panel-fodder in general. These people have "fashion goggles" glued to their foreheads, and will never give you sane fashion advice like "That bubble skirt makes your arse look like a giant bubble." Or "That pricey Herve Leger dress looks like surgical tape."

So we applaud Katie Holmes' decision to listen to her four-year-old daughter's fashion advice. Katie tells Elle magazine: "She'll really tell me what she thinks. Like today I'm wearing brown suede pants, and she said, 'I don't like your pants.'"

Go, Suri! You're correct. Suede pants are gross. Speak up, oh wise one!

Ferris Bueller's property sale

Hands up: Lipgoss is a boggle-eyed superfan of's Real Estate Porn channel. There are few things more satisfying than ogling the former/future home of a random celebrity. But today Gawker has delivered a real corker: An Illinois home where key scenes of the 1980s heavyweight drama Ferris Bueller's Day Off were filmed. Remember when Cameron finally went berzerk? Relive that glorious moment here.