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Joanna Hunkin: Bieber fever is nastier than ever

opinion Joanna Hunkin

By Joanna Hunkin ONE News Entertainment Reporter

Published: 7:23AM Wednesday March 28, 2012 Source: ONE News

Silly, silly me.

I genuinely thought it was over. With One Direction riding high in the charts, causing mass hysteria and ticket scalping chaos, I thought we'd finally moved on.

I foolishly believed pre-teen girls the world over had cut Bieber from their lives as easily as he chopped that sweeping forelock.

Alas. How wrong I was.

With the release of his new single Boyfriend, Bieber fever has once again swept the globe. And it's nastier than ever.

A virulent strain that has seen Beliebers come out swinging against anyone who dare mock the easily mockable song title.

One local radio DJ was bombarded with death threats on Twitter after he joked about Bieber's boyfriend coming out.

Well, what did they expect!?

The song itself is mediocre. He's going for a more urban, highly produced sound than his earlier work. Similar to when Britney entered her Toxic-era - aka the beginning of the end.

He's also clearly channeling Britney's ex Justin Timberlake. Which might appeal to some people. But I ask you this - when was the last time JT featured in the charts?

(2010 for the record, he featured on Timbaland's single Carry Out, which made it to number 15 on the Kiwi singles chart. His last solo effort to chart here was Until the End of Time in 2007.)

Of course, part of JT's fall from pop's favour was the fact he grew up. At 31, he can't be singing about first loves and sexy shenanigans to 13 year olds. That would be creepy.

At 18 (yes, really, it was his birthday three weeks ago) Bieber still has few years of Tween serenades left in him. But then what?

Mark Wahlberg has cast the popster in his upcoming basketball film. The award-winning actor-cum-producer feels for the young star. If anyone knows how hard it is to shake teen heart throb status, it's Marky Mark.

But did he have to shake a global army of vicious, and potentially violent, fans?

If we look back at Bieber's meteoric rise to fame - it wasn't actually his talent that made headlines. Or record sales. Or music videos.

It was his fans. It was the madness, hysteria and physical danger that followed him where ever he went.

And while he may one day decide to grow up and move on, it remains to be seen whether his army of obsessives will let him.

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