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The Hoff won't stop proposing

Published: 9:11PM Saturday October 22, 2011 Source: BANG Showbiz

David Hasselhoff has vowed to keep proposing to Hayley Roberts until she says "yes".

The Britain's Got Talent star has already popped the question to the 32-year-old Welsh beauty four times, despite only dating for eight months.

The Hoff has posted details of his previous attempts to persuade Roberts to marry him on twitter, and he says he is already planning his next proposal.

Asked if he will go down on one knee for a fifth time, Hasselhoff said: "You'll have to follow me on twitter to see. Keep an eye on my twitter page for some interesting news."

Hasselhoff and Roberts first met in a hotel bar while he was in Cardiff, Wales, for the Britain's Got Talent auditions in February and his previous attempts to convince her to become the third Mrs Hasselhoff include popping the question on a beach, in a dressing room, when they were surrounded by sharks and while on safari.

However, Roberts is in no rush to get married and insists Hasselhoff chooses a ring before she accepts.

She said:"Why rush into something so soon? We've only been together eight months and we're still learning about each other.

"I think two years down the line, things will be different as they won't be so early and new. I want him to ask my parents and get their permission. Once he's done that, and got a ring, I'll know he means it."

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