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Geneticist predicts what Royal baby will look like

Published: 4:16PM Thursday February 28, 2013 Source: Getty

A geneticist from South Africa has released computer-generated illustrations of what Prince William and Catherine Middleton's first child may look like.

Suretha Erasamus, a geneticist based in Johannesburg, has depicted a fair-headed, blue-eyed male and female child along with what the potential offspring may look like as a young adult.

Erasamus is predicting the child will share the many of the same facial characteristics as the late Princess Diana based on Price William's strong resemblance to his mother.

However, he says there is a good chance the baby will inherit the Duchess' raven locks as dark hair genes are more likely to win out over light hair genes.

The illustrations offer a representation based on the genetic influences passed of both parents, accounting for likely variations of hair and skin colour.

The Prince and his wife Duchess Catherine are preparing for the arrival for their first child in July.