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Comedy Festival Q&A: Raybon Kan

Published: 1:09PM Monday April 16, 2012 Source: ONE News

  • Comedian Raybon Kan (Source: Supplied)
    Comedian Raybon Kan. - Source: Supplied

Raybon Kan answers questions ahead of his performance at the 2012 Comedy Festival.

So tell us what your show is called this year?
Uncalled For. On the poster, it says Raybon Kan "is completely" Uncalled For.

Well, there's been some incidents where people have claimed offence at some of my jokes, whether on Twitter or in the media. And I thought it summed up the kind of hoity-toity umbrage which these people were feigning. Like someone exclaiming: "Goodness!" while holding their hand over their mouth or saying "how inappropriate!". Inappropriate was nearly the title.

Can you give us a few hints as to what broadly your festival show is about?
Sacred cows. The evils of dishonesty. The things we should genuinely be outraged about. The show will be IN(appropriate), OUT(rageous), OFF(ensive) and EDGY(cational.)

How much time have you spent crafting the show over the past 12 months since the end of the last festival?
It's all I do. Then when I run out of energy, I put my subconscious onto it. I write material 24-hours a month, 7-minutes a year. (Something like that.)

The comedy festival is turning 20 this year - what were you doing 20 years ago?
Writing jokes for this year's show and saving them up. What was 20 years ago, 1992? Good grief. I was probably thinking "Shortland Street, that'll be lucky to last 3 weeks".

The Comedy festival is all about the camaraderie too - is there anyone youre looking forward to seeing over here either socially or on stage?
Keen to see Stephen K Amos, Greg Behrendt and pretty much every act from Ireland.

Whats the comedy scene like at the moment who do you rate and why?
Right now, there's a lot of remarkable comedy being done, I think. Right now my favourite act is Louis CK, for both his stand-up and his sitcom, which is totally amazing. That's two separate achievements, like if Roger Federer was also great at golf. I'm surprised how much I love Louis CK. Also I really wish Maeve Higgins was back this year. She's Irish, and I pretty much saw her show every single night when I could. The real thing. She makes you go wow.

We think comedy, we think heckling so, best tip for dealing with the hecklers? And has a heckler ever bested you?
All the time. And that's just with acoustic heckling. Imagine how bad heckling would be if everyone in the audience had a microphone, and a stage. I'm glad heckling hasn't gone electric (and then the next step in heckling would be bullets).

When we say New Zealand International Comedy Festival to you, whats the first thing you think of?
Every year it's like being in a real-life episode of Glee. Can't decide if it's Regionals or Sectionals! I'm so excited!

How would you persuade people to come and see your show?
Is this not working? Then I'm screwed. My whole publicity and marketing plan is to fill out questionnaires. OK, my show's gonna have somethng to offend everyone. A few years ago, when I performed at Just for Laughs in Montreal, an American comic said to me: "Raybon, you're too nice." Well, that's history. No more Mr Nice Comic. This year we walk on the wild side.

- Q&A provided by Comedy Festival organisers.