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Welcome to your exciting science education resources based on two local television series, ‘Ever Wondered?’ and ‘Innovation Stories’. These resources are targeted at Years 5-10, but can be used for younger or older students. TVNZ 7 and the Ministry of Science and Innovation are proud to bring you these resources in collaboration with the Science Learning Hub through the University of Waikato.

‘Ever Wondered? – Series 2’ sees Dr John Watt visiting top kiwi scientists working on world class research and innovation. This ten part, half-hour series, made in partnership with the Royal Society of New Zealand, takes views on a journey of discovery. Topics include how the brain works; cancer research; the mysteries of the deep, and the impact of virtual worlds. The lively and informative family series is brimming with scientific facts and technological wonder.

‘Innovation Stories’ is a series of 14, short form programmes, profiling amazing kiwi companies using innovation to grow their businesses. Produced in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the series takes viewers inside exciting development processes, explains the science behind the products and provides engaging yarns that leave viewers with knowledge about the amazing innovations happening in New Zealand.

The accompanying PDF resources are available for download on this disc through a PC, or you can download them from the Science Learning Hub ( where you will find other great science resources for the classroom.

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