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The NHNZ's brilliant 3 part series 'Wicked Weather' which looks at the wide variety of weather experienced in New Zealand, where changeable and volatile weather is the norm, and how it affects us.  Each episode ('The Wind', 'The Hot & The Dry' and 'The Wet & The Cold') looks at what causes New Zealand's weather extremes, what creates wind, snow, rain and drought and what effect these weather patterns have on our communities.

NB: contains coarse language and (brief) nudity - suitable for Secondary School and above.

Duration: 135 min
$50 (+GST)


The Earths titanic forces can rip apart the land, homes and people's lives. MEGA DISASTERS exposes their killer characteristics, using archive footage, computer animation, eye witness reports and expert interviews to explain what causes them and why they can be so devastating. These disasters may seem extreme, but this four-part series goes one step further, imagining the catastrophic event that would occur if all the elements combine to create a Mega Disaster.

Volcanoes are one of nature's most powerful forces. We investigate the Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. St Helens eruptions then explore the possibility of a blast so powerful it will change the Earth, and with it, the course of human civilisation.

Massive, unstoppable and deadly, these giant waves unleash their destructive energy on coasts thousands of miles from their source.  From events in Japan, Alaska and Hawaii to the utter destruction of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, we investigate this devastating natural force. Then we generate a mega disaster scenario that will not just rewrite the history books it will erase them.

In 1997, the residents of Jarrell, Texas, were hit by a massive tornado that ground their buildings to dust. We learn more about the twisters of Tornado Alley, then reveal what would happen if an F5 tornado struck at the heart of a major US city.

Earthquakes strike without warning and cause immense destruction. We investigate this unseen force then envisage a 9.5 mega-quake tearing Chile apart and spawning giant waves that would devastate the entire Pacific Rim

Duration: 202mins (approx.)
$50 (+GST)


Primeval New Zealand 

Peter Elliott goes on a journey through time to unravel New Zealand's ancient past and, for the first time, reveals the surprising origins of our most iconic animals, the kiwi, kakapo, kea and tuatara, as well as shedding new light on the lesser known species: the kaka, New Zealand falcon, giant meat-eating snails, prehistoric giant weta, takahe and penguins.

Featuring stunning high definition action and startling super-slow motion images filmed by award winning documentary filmmaker NHNZ and state of the art 3D modelling and CGI graphics produced by Weta Workshops NZ.

Primeval New Zealand is a spectacular celebration of the origins of life in New Zealand, and a scandalous exposé: as the shocking past of some of our best loved animals are revealed.

Duration: 45mins
$50 (+GST)

Bug House (2001)

Join Ruud Kleinpaste as he takes us on a guided tour around the average Kiwi home and introduces us to the various bugs and insects that we share our homes with. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the downpipe outside you'll be amazed (and possibly disturbed) by the number of creepy crawlies we share our lives with and just how close we come to some of them.

Duration: 44mins
$40 (+GST)


Shaky Beginnings (1999)

Jim Hickey treks the length and breadth of New Zealand in search of our geographic and geological origins. His travels take in the steaming crater of White Island, underground caves scattered with moa bones and the melting face of Tasman Glacier. From the violent force of earthquakes and volcanoes to the corrosive power of water we see what natural forces have shaped and shifted New Zealand to make it the unique country we see today.

Duration: 45mins
$40 (+GST)



Jim Hickey presents a documentary looking at New Zealand's changeable weather and its link with climate, forecasting and technology.  Travelling the length and breadth of the country to explain in laymens terms why the weather is the way it is in our country Jim lets the viewer into the secrets of weather forecasting by visiting weather stations at sea, in the air and on the ground.  He visits the MetService HQ at Kelburn, Wellington and sees how the forecasts are put together with the data received.  Then Jim asks is our climate really changing? and tries his best to find out the answer.

Duration: 44 mins
Cost: $50 (+GST)


The Enduring Land

Join Ruud Kleinpaste as he presents a four part docu-drama tracing the history of New Zealand farming and agriculture. He shows the process and development of agricultural settlement in New Zealand, from Maori farmers to Pakeha settlers and pioneers, and explores the efforts of late 19th and early 20th century farmers to convert New Zealand land into lush pasture and grain crops. We see the close relationship in New Zealand between scientists and farmers and explore the politics, both national and international of farming, tracing it's history right up to the decline of the rural economy in the 1980s.

Duration: 210 mins (approx.) - 2 Discs
Cost: $50 (+GST)

The Lost Dinosaur of New Zealand

This documentary follows the self-taught palaeontologist Joan Wiffen whose discoveries proved that dinosaurs lived right here in New Zealand, thus shedding new light on the behaviour of dinosaurs during the Late Cretaceous period and adding another piece to the puzzle of why dinosaurs became extinct.

Joan's discovery was of such international importance that she was eventually awarded an honorary PhD for her painstaking work. Her story is the back bone of the documentary which features interviews with Fossil Hunters, Palaeontologists, Scientists and other Dinosaur Experts, along with animation and graphics, to not only to build a picture of what these ancient creatures were like but to explore what their discovery contributes to our knowledge of dinosaurs worldwide and the reasons for their extinction.

Duration : 52 mins
$40 (+GST)


Monsters of the Deep

On April the 25th 1977 trawling for mackerel off the New Zealand coast the Zutu Maru snagged the rotting carcass of a huge sea creature. Concerned it
would ruin the rest of the catch the captain ordered the mysterious creature to be dumped over the side but not before crewman Yano Michiko took a snapshot of it as well as a sample of the animals flesh.

Was this the remains of a pleisosaur as some scientists claimed? A creature that was supposed to have died 60 million years ago and if it wasn't a monster from the past what was it?

This documystery explores the myth and the reality behind the stories of huge sea creatures and why we need to believe in monsters at all.

Duration : 52 mins
$40 (+GST)





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