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The Food Truck

This New Zealand factual series follows chef Michael Van De Elzen as he takes to the streets in a mobile kitchen attempting to change New Zealanders attitudes to fast food by creating healthy, tasty and cost effective alternatives.  First sampling the competition, then learning just how they make the products they are so famous for and then hitting the kitchen (and the streets) to test drive some healthy, tasty alternatives, Michael gives an interesting insight into the foods we all know, love and crave, while hopefully teaching us some good eating habits along the way.

SERIES ONE: Pies, Fish'n'Chips, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Chinese Food, Mexican Food, Burgers & Chicken

Duration : 180mins (approx.) - 2 Discs
$50 (+GST)

SERIES TWO: Soft Drinks, Sea Food, Potato Chips, Breakfast, Indian Food, Roast, Ice Cream & Sushi.

Duration : 196mins (approx.) - 2 Discs
$50 (+GST)




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