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Stewart Wright (PC Mark Mylow)

Stewart Wright is delighted that his character finds love at last in the new series of Doc Martin.

Stewart plays the unlucky in love police constable Mark Mylow, who is constantly seeking Miss Right. A beautiful blonde stranger arrives in Portwenn, and PC Mylow is bowled over.

"Mark Mylow would just love to be in love, but there are not many options in Portwenn, and he is settling into his own life and trying not to think about finding the right woman," Stewart explains.

"Then he sees Julie standing at a bus stop in Portwenn. She's the most beautiful woman he has ever set eyes on. He's not used to seeing women that good looking apart from in the cinema or on the television, and she takes his breath away."

He offers to give her driving lessons and before long they are stepping out together.

"There's a lovely scene where he gets invited to her house and doesn't leave until the next morning. As he leaves he gets a great big snog on the door step. The woman of his dreams is now officially his girlfriend. It puts a spring in his step, the passions are lifting and he's in a bit of a whirlwind."

Mark proposes to Julie, and begins elaborate plans for their wedding, including a bizarre stag night. He wants to go camping in the woods. But nobody wants to join him, except Al, who is his best man and feels obliged to accompany him. But the expedition nearly proves fatal when Mark is bitten by a snake, and has an allergic reaction.

Stewart changed his life after making the first series of Doc Martin. He fell in love with Cornwall, and decided to move from London and make his home there.

"I am still based in Cornwall, and I am keen to make it work. I am very happy here. I tried to learn kite surfing last year, but I wasn't very good at it. This year I've been wake boarding and kayaking."

But Stewart says unlike his screen character he is still looking for Miss Right.

"I have met lots of special people, but I don't think I have found my Julie," he says.

After filming the first series of Doc Martin Stewart appeared on stage in Birmingham in Devil's Island. He went on to do a clowning course in Ibiza, which he hopes to put to good use at some point in his career.

"I really enjoyed Cirque de Soleil, and there are clowns in that. So if an opportunity to play a clown in Cirque de Soleil came up I'd jump at it."

Stewart's other television credits include: Dirty Filthy Love, I Saw You, Rescue Me and Wild West.