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Dirty Laundry

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Donna Rafferty (Played by Jennifer Ward-Lealand)

Jennifer on her character Donna:

Donna's a wonderful woman. She has looked after her family single-handedly- for the last two years, and really for a long time because her husband was - let's say not as useful as he could be - and she's really let them go out and fly.
So when this happens to her, when she gets caught doing things that she shouldn't be, she has to really relinquish a lot of power and that's very difficult for her, because she's held everything together really well. I think she's a woman with a brilliant brain, the ability to juggle about ten things in her hands at the same time, and to lose that ability to keep an eye on everything is very very difficult for her. But she is a great mother, adores her children, adores her grandchild and really would do everything to keep the family safe. She would do anything for them, and she'd do anything for them not to know about this stuff but ultimately she has to trust them in the end.

Jennifer on working with her castmates:

I had a really great bond with the lovely actors playing my children, it was very easy we knitted really well as a family. There was a sort of easy dynamic and ease amongst us and I think it's made it very easy to play.