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Seated in Bree's house on set at Universal Studios (NOT DISNEY?) in Hollywood, made it easy to imagine the cameras rolling as the cast members of Desperate Housewives adopted their characters. Dana Delany (who has played Katherine Mayfair for the past two seasons) appears with an air of calmness and is extremely graceful with her movements as she talks of playing charades, why she loves looking at dirty dishes in the sink, and making one of her fantasies become a reality. 

It's common knowledge that fans have been and still are desperately keen to see Susan (Teri Hatcher) and Mike (James Denton) rekindle their love. So one of the biggest surprises to hit Wisteria Lane in the latest season has been the story involving Katherine getting together with Susan's ex...

"I'm very happy about it," says Delany. "I was surprised. I didn't know it was coming... I think they had originally planned to have me having something with Orson actually, to upset Bree. But they changed their mind. That's the great thing about the show - and I love working with Jamie, he's just a dream to work with."

Ok, so Katherine has hooked up with the seriously hot plumber of the show but what about sharing time with someone special outside of Desperate Housewives?

"Well, as somebody my age who's dating, it's not that it's hard to find men to date, it's more finding men that you want to date.  The older you get, you know who you are and you're more discriminating and at this point in my life I really like being alone. So it would have to be somebody special for me to give up my freedom."  

Despite enjoying cooking, she doesn't find it interesting if it means making a meal for one and domestically, she claims she'd be every cleaner's nightmare: "I'm a very messy person - that's where we're [Delany and Katherine] very different. I grew up in a house where my mother was pretty much of a control freak. So to the extent my sister and brother and I still talk about this on the weekends we had to pick up every stick in the property, and we lived in six acres. So when I got to be an adult and live on my own, I just took such pleasure in leaving clothes on the floor and dishes in the sink and I still feel that way. I look at dishes in the sink, and I get really happy."

Being over enamoured of dirty dishes is one thing but Delany's real desire is camping with two men.  She got very excited about a recent scene where Dave, Mike and herself go camping in the pickup truck:  "I just got such a thrill out of that because it has always been a fantasy of mine to go camping with two men.  So I said it was my "Jules et Jim" fantasy!"

Knowing that anyone in the show can depart at any time means Delany's out to have fun both onscreen (fulfilling fantasies outdoors with two men) and off - in the form of charades with Marcia Cross, who plays Bree. Delany claims they are probably the closest: "We live in the same neighbourhood, and we have the same group of friends, and I think working together last year was such a delightful surprise for us how much we enjoyed working together that we sort of fell in love with each other, I think, in the nicest way. We have a group that we play Charades with, so we play Charades on Saturday together."

As much as fans are desperate for Mike and Susan to mend their ways, the surprisingly saucy interlude between Katherine and Mike is certainly entertaining fans the world over. If rewarding fantasies on the show (camping trips included - tick) can be orchestrated than let's hope this "Jules et Jim" interlude paves the way for more saucy story lines for this China girl, turned Desperate Housewife.