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The 10 most scandalous moments

Desperate Housewives

Check out our list of the top 10 scandals from Desperate Housewives, and post your favourites on our message board .

10.  Bree vs the taco

Who can forget the moment when Bree attempted to seduce her husband in hot red lingerie, only to become distracted by a dripping, greasy taco on the bedside table.

9.  Oh Susan

It's difficult to pinpoint Susan's most scandalous moment. Perhaps the time she burnt arch rival Edie Britt's house down? Or when John the gardener's mother mistakenly believed Susan was having it off with her son and ripped her dress to shreds before sending her down the catwalk?

Susan is clumsy, prone to ending up naked at inopportune moments and in upcoming episodes, she wakes up in bed with.... let's not give that one away.

8. That says it all

Bree fakes a pregnancy and plans to raise her teenage daughter's illegitimate child as her own. Enough said.

7. Gabrielle gets planted

Saucy Latino seductress Gabrielle Solis has had her fair share of illicit affairs, but none beats her dalliance with teenage gardener John. The woman even mowed a lawn in heels to keep her affair secret from husband Carlos. The role made a star out of Jesse Metcalfe.

6. What lies beneath

Betty Applewhite kept one heck of a secret: her son, imprisoned in a basement for killing his brother Matthew's girlfriend. Eventually the truth was revealed: it was Matthew who killed his girlfriend. He died at the conclusion of season two.

5. Nobody likes a sore loser

Victor pursued Gabrielle with a vigor usually reserved for politics. The two eventually married, but the union became unstuck when Edie revealed photos of Gabi and ex-husband Carlos in a clinch. Ever the sore loser, Victor tried to shoot Carlos. The two fought during a tornado (as you do) and Victor was impaled on a fencepost.

4. Supermarket showdown

Lynette and Tom found themselves with an unwanted house guest after Tom's former one-night-stand, Nora, turned up with Tom's daughter in tow.

Meanwhile, Carolyn - a Wisteria Lane neighbour who became unhinged after discovering her husband's affair - held up the supermarket. She turned the gun on Nora after discovering her history of infidelity. No more Nora.

3. The voice of reason

Desperate Housewives kicked off with the biggest scandal of all: suicide on Wisteria Lane. Over the course of season one Mary Alice's motives became clear: she and her husband killed a drug addict (Deidre, Mike Delfino's ex) and raised her son as their own. The guilt eventually became too much to bear.

2. A prescription for death

George the pharmacist thought he'd found the perfect avenue to Bree's heart: by killing her husband. After Bree and Rex's relationship unravelled following the revelation that he was involved with the neighbourhood prostitute (Maisy Gibbons), George tried his luck. He sang, he cajoled, he murdered... However, Bree had the last laugh: when George attempted suicide, she told him she had called an ambulance. Instead she watched him die.

1. Edie Britt

The woman deserves her own category for scandal:

Carlos: I didn't know your son was coming for a visit.
Edie: Neither did I. His, uh, father just dumped him here for four weeks so he could jet off with his doctors without borders buddies and fix cleft palates in Kenya. Selfish son of a bitch.

She threw ashes over Susan before stealing her boyfriend, she stole Gabi's husband. Now she's back with a new man in tow...

Future scandals

Get set for new scandals in the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives. Five years on from where season four left off, the women of Wisteria Lane are not what they used to be. Prepare for more complications involving Susan's love life; Bree deals with Andrew's new relationship in typical style, Tom has news for Lynette, and Gabi& well the years haven't been so kind to the Latino minx.
But perhaps the biggest mystery of all surrounds Edie's new man, Dave Williams. What is he looking for on Wisteria Lane?