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Ultimate dance movie quiz

Have you emulated John Travolta's strut in Saturday Night Fever? Did you gaze longingly as Paul Mercurio danced in amongst the washing in Strictly Ballroom? Do you know who uttered the famous line, 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner'?

This is the quiz for you. Simply answer these questions to find out how much of a dance movie fan you really are.

1. In Dirty Dancing, what is the name of Johnny Castle's first partner who fell pregnant before a key performance forcing Baby to take her place?
a) Marjorie Houseman
b) Penny Johnson
c) Patty Jones

2. Which song did Patrick Swayze perform on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack?
a) She's Like The Wind
b) I've Had The Time Of My Life
c) Hungry Eyes

3. Name three iconic BeeGees songs used in Saturday Night Fever.

4. Jennifer Beals' character in Flashdance is an exotic dancer by night - what is her day job?
a) Aerobics teacher
b) Construction worker
c) Welder at a Steel Mill

5. What dance school is Julia Stiles attempting to get into in Save The Last Dance?
a) Julliard
b) Yale
c) Candy Lane Dancers

6. In Strictly Ballroom, Paul Mecurio's character Scott Hastings is chastised by Barry Fife and the Australian Dance Federation for...
a) Wearing an Australian gold leotard and green footless tights
b) Dancing his own steps
c) Not registering his partner

7. Another from Strictly Ballroom... what dance do Scott and Fran perform at the end of the film?
a) The Tango
b) The Macarena
c) The Paso Doble

8. Which sizzling Spanish star plays a dance instructor in Take The Lead?
a) Antonio Banderas
b) Penelope Cruz
c) Javier Bardem (the creepy guy from No Country For Old Men)

9. In Honey, what genre of dance does Jessica Alba's character specialise in?
a) Line dancing
b) Hip Hop
c) Salsa

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