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Test your Dancing With The Stars knowledge!

Do you remember when Shane Cortese played Nerida Lister's leg like a guitar?  Or when Rodney Hide dropped his partner Krystal Stewart?  Or the rivalry between new judge Craig Revel Horwood and old hand Brendan Cole?  Find out how much of a Dancing With The Stars fan you really are with our quick quiz.

1.  What was the name of the dancer Rodney Hide dropped in 2006?
a)  Krystal Stuart
b) Hayley Holt 
c) Stefano Oliveri

2.  What kind of costumes are worn during the paso doble?
a) Calf-length dresses with full skirts for the women, tuxedos for the men
b) Tutus and ballet dresses for both the women and the men
c) Short skirted dresses for the women, tight shirts and pants for the men

3.  Name three Shortland Street stars who have appeared on the show.

4.  Who was the second couple to be eliminated in 2008?
a) Geeling Ng and Brian Jones
b) Martin Devlin and Lauren de Boeck
c) Peter Urlich and Hayley Holt

5.  Who was dancer Hayley Holt paired with in her first season of Dancing With The Stars?
a) Danyon Loader 
b) David Wikaira Paul
c) Brendon Pongia

6.  In 2007 Paul Holmes injected life into which old Michael Jackson hit?
a) Man In The Mirror
b) Thriller
c) Heal The World 

7.  Romance blossomed between which couple in season one (2005)?
a) Bernice Mene and Jason Gunn
b) Tina Cross and Aaron Gilmore 
c) Shane Cortese and Nerida Jantii

8.  Name this person:  This enthusiastic fitness freak appeared in season two (2006) of DWTS.  He shaved his chest for the part, was used to the constrictive costumes and was the second to go.

9.  Who did dancer Stefano Oliveri guide to victory in 2007?
a) Temepara George
b) Lorraine Downes
c) Suzanne Paul

10.  Match up the 2009 DWTS contestants with relevant trivia:

a) Rebecca Hobbs 1. Appeared in In My Father's Den
b) Tamati Coffey 2. Played in the Otago Highlanders
c) Geraldine Brophy 3. Is the captain of the Black Sticks
d) Lizzy Igasan 4. Is the sister of Edmonds cooking whiz Katrina
e) Barbara Kendall 5.  Sang Cheryl Moana Marie
f) Josh Kronfeld 6. Appeared on McLeod's Daughters
g) Chris Hobbs 7. Hosted the iconic TV2 series What Now?

h) John Rowles

8. Won an Olympic gold medal