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Episode 24: Born to Jump

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Born to jump

Whether it's work, business or pleasure, horses are a major part of life for Dallas and Kate Kinzett. 

The couple own a farm and horse stud on 350 hectares in the Tutaki Valley, just south of Murchison.

Dallas and Kate breed sport horses, use them on the farm and in their spare time, take them hunting. 

A sport horse, says Dallas, can be used in anything from show jumping and eventing to dressage and hunting. The key is its ability to jump.

Kate Kinzett is the driving force behind Tiraumea Stud. She grew up on a farm in Murchison and says the property where she and Dallas now live provides the ultimate lifestyle, combining her love of the land with her love of horses.

The couple have been on the farm since 1978 when they won it in a Lands and Survey Department ballot. It had been earmarked for hydro development but when the plans were shelved, it was put up for ballot. Dallas and Kate, who were managing a nearby farm, qualified for the draw.

The Kinzetts were overjoyed to have a place of their own and developed the run-down property so it could support beef cattle, dairy grazers and a few sheep, as well as the horse stud.

But since they took the farm over, things have changed - the whole valley was once used for dry stock farming but it's now almost exclusively a dairying area. The Kinzetts don't want to go dairy farming themselves, but they do rely on the income from grazing dairy cows.

Tiraumea is home to around 40 horses in various stages of training - from weanlings and yearlings through to four and five year olds that are ready for work. 

All the horses at Tiraumea are used for day-to-day farm tasks such as mustering. 

"The big advantage of mustering on a horse is that you are able to work at the same pace as the cattle, rather than roaring after them on a motorcycle or quad bike," says Dallas. "That keeps the animals calm."

When they're not training horses or riding them around the farm, the couple often go on the road to attend the Starborough Hunt, one of 28 hunt clubs scattered through rural New Zealand.

Starborough is based in Marlborough, so Dallas and Kate usually have a big drive to get to the hunt venue. 

Hunting on horses with hounds goes back centuries and the first New Zealand hunt was held in the 1860s.

Although the aim is to track and chase a hare, Dallas says the real appeal is being out with like-minded people and giving the horses a chance to really stretch their legs.

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