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Episode 14 - Love The Life

On the next episode, screening 18 June 2016 at 7pm on TV ONE:


Love the Life


It's a farming partnership with a shared love. Dennis Gloyn and Anita Lamb have forged a lifestyle in the hills east of Dannevirke and in the process built up a collection of top working dogs and horses.


But what they cherish the most is the joy of working together. "It's hard work, but we love it", Anita says. "Dennis knows not all women would enjoy the lifestyle. I'm lucky to have struck someone like that", he says.


Triple Springs Farm is also a horse stud, breeding and training horses for farm work, polo crosse and endurance riding.


The couple met endurance riding many years ago. Anita, a former national champion, still races competitively and loves what the sport offers.


"In a ride you can have anything from flats to steep hills and bush riding. There's huge variety and you get to see a lot of fantastic countryside end enjoy real camaraderie", she says.


"It's a test of endurance for your horse and yourself. You both work pretty hard and you've got to be trained for it, and the people who are trained for it really love it".


Dennis has now hung up his racing boots, but enjoys officiating at events and seeing Anita excel at her chosen sport.


But the rewards of breeding horses are what theyre most passionate about. While Anita trains young horses for endurance riding, Dennis has a knack for breaking them in and starting the training process with his own unique techniques. "I've never been one who's tough on animals", he says. "We treat them as something special and if you do that, you'll get rewards."


Anita also has a creative side and has self-published a series of childrens books about everyday situations they encounter on the farm. The books are available online and in local bookshops and a US television network plans to animate the drawings to create a new TV series.


Anita and Dennis shared love of farming also extends to an impressive pack of working dogs.


Dennis and Anita see themselves as having contrasting skills. Anita's background as an organic chemist and calculus lecturer means she has the skills to run the farm business and she says she's still learning from Dennis understanding of horses and dogs. "Our strengths complement each other very well."


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