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Ryan Connor

Ben Thompson plays Ryan Connor on Coronation Street

Played by: Ben Thompson

First Appeared: 2006 (UK)

Date of Birth: 14 January 1992

Occupation: Student

Relations:Son of Michelle Connor and Dean (deceased). Biological son of Nick and Wendy Neeson. Nephew of Paul (deceased), Carla and Liam Connor, grandson of Helen and Barry Connor

Storylines: Along with his mother Michelle, Ryan moved into the Rovers, after she began dating Steve.

Ryan lost his father at a young age, and more recently his uncle Paul, both in car accidents.

Ryan found out he was swapped at birth after his biological father Nick began following him. His mother Michelle initially was reluctant to believe Nick's claims and kept it from Ryan, refusing to take a DNA test.

Ryan learned the truth when Nick confronted him on his 16th birthday. After coming to blows with Alex Neeson (Michelle's biological son) Ryan agreed to take a DNA test. At first Ryan did not want any contact with his biological family, but Michelle began to have contact with Alex. Ryan struggled with Alex's presence, especially when he came to stay at the Rovers.

However after Alex left, Ryan began to have contact with his father Nick.

Ryan is on the school athletics team and is a competitive gamer. He gets on well with Steve, who understands what it is like to be a teenager, and has a good relationship with his daughter Amy, who is like a little sister to him. He is very close with his uncle Liam, and was best man at his wedding.


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