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Roberta Kerr plays Wendy Papadopoulous

Roberta Kerr plays Wendy Papadopoulos (nee Crozier) on Coronation Street.

Originally on the show back in 1989 as Wendy Crozier, a love interest of Ken Barlow, Kerr has since returned to the Street more than two decades later.

Also starring in Emmerdale, Kerr has played parts in Brookside, The Nature of the Beast, Wipe Out, Seeing Red, and The Royal Today.

Kerr is married to Graeme Bond, the head of a theatre company who has acted under the name of Graeme Kirk and played several small roles in Coronation Street himself.

First appearance on Coronation Street in the UK: 
28 June 1989: Committee secretary Wendy Crozier meets Ken Barlow to share with him a copy of the minutes, sharing in his disdain for the secrecy of the Council.