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Coronation Street quiz - part 3

Think you know your Coro? Test yourself with part three of our Coronation Street quiz.  Answers below:

41. How did Fred Elliot die?
 a. Choked on a lamb bone
 b. Heart attack on the way to his wedding
 c. Run over by Claire driving a bus

42. For what crime was Deirdre wrongly imprisoned?
 a. Assault
 b. Fraud
 c. Arson

43. Who fell through the ceiling in a bath?
 a. Ken and Deirdre
 b. Tyrone and Molly
 c. Cilla and Les

44. What was Amy Barlow first called?
 a. Patience Cropper
 b. Blanche Barlow
 c. Katie McDonald

45 How did Emily protest plans to develop the Red Rec?
 a. Went on hunger strike
 b. Held a knit-a-thon
 c. Camped out in a tree

46. Who had a fling with Michelle Connor's boyfriend Sonny?
 a. Sean Tully
 b. Eileen Grimshaw
 c. Carla Connor

47. What is Jack's hobby
 a. Model making
 b. Keeping pigeons
 c. Medieval re-enactments

48. Who played at Cilla and Les's wedding?
 a. Simple Minds
 b. Status Quo
 c. Spandau Ballet

49. Which football team does Liam support?
 a. Manchester United
 b. Manchester City
 c. Irish Rovers

50. What public office did Alf Roberts hold?
 a. Town crier
 b. Health inspector
 c. Mayor

51. How many wives did Mike Baldwin have?
 a. Two
 b. Three
 c. Four

52. Whose kidney did  Tracy Barlow receive?
 a. Samid Rachid
 b. Jez Quigley
 c. Susan Barlow

53. Where did Sarah-Louise Grimshaw move to?
 a. Milan
 b. Paris
 c. Berlin

54. What did Martin Platt do as a job?
 a. Accountant
 b. Teacher
 c. Nurse

55. Who had a crush on Percy Sugden?
 a. Emily Bishop
 b. Phyllis Pearce
 c. Mavis Riley

56. How did Tracy kill Charlie Stubbs?
 a. Blow to the head
 b. Poison
 c. Pushed him down the stairs

57. Whose wedding did Maya ruin?
 a. Jason and Sarah
 b. Steve and Karen
 c. Dev and Sunita

58. What are Ashley's  sons called
 a. Bill and Ben
 b. Ashley and Andrew
 c. Joshua and Freddy

59. What song did Kirk sing to woo Fiz?
 a. The Real Slim Shady
 b. What's New Pussy Cat?
 c. Total Eclipse Of The Heart

60. What is the name of Audrey's  salon?
 a. Audrey's Hair Salon
 b. Cuts on Coronation
 c. Hair Today

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41. b. Heart attack on the way to his wedding
42. b. Fraud
43. c. Cilla and Les
44. a. Patience Cropper
45. c. Camped out in a tree
46. a. Sean Tully
47. b. Keeping pigeons
48. b. Status Quo
49. b. Manchester City
50. c. Mayor
51. c. Four  (Susan Barlow, Jackie Ingram, Alma Sedgewick & Linda Sykes)
52. a. Samid Rachid
53. a. Milan
54. c. Nurse
55. b. Phyllis Pearce
56. a. Blow to the head
57. c. Dev and Sunita
58. c. Joshua and Freddy
59. a. The Real Slim Shady
60. a. Audrey's Hair Salon