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Coronation Street quiz - part 2

Think you know your Coro? Test yourself with part two of our Coronation Street quiz.  Answers below:

21. Who would order a small sherry?  
 a. Rita Sullivan
 b. Emily Bishop
 c. Eileen Grimshaw

22. What instrument does Vernon play?
 a. Trumpet
 b. Clarinet
 c. Drums

23. Who was born on Christmas Day?
 a. Amy Barlow
 b. David Platt
 c. Sophie Webster

24. Where did Cilla Battersby run off to?
 a. Morocco
 b. Australia
 c. Las Vegas

25. Who did Bet Lynch marry?
 a. Alec Gilroy
 b. Len Fairclough
 c. Mike Baldwin

26. What happened at Jason and Sarah's first wedding?
 a. She stood him up
 b. He stood her up
 c. Neither of them turned up

27. Where did the Duckworths plan to retire?
 a. Spain
 b. Blackpool
 c. The Lake District

28.  What is Kirk's favourite food?
 a. Steak
 b. Pizza
 c. Salad

29.  Where did Curly Watts and Reg Holdsworth work?
 a. Save Co
 b. Betta Buys
 c. Souper Mart 

30. Who did Susan Barlow mary?
 a. Brian Tilsley
 b. Eddie Yeats
 c. Mike Baldwin

31. What did Claire Peacock suffer from?
 a. Postnatal depression
 b. Agoraphobia
 c. Kleptomania

32. Who hit Vernon before his wedding to Liz?
 a. Steve McDonald
 b. Jim McDonald
 c. Deirdre Barlow

33. Who was Elsie Tanner's lodger?
 a. Gail Potter
 b. Ena Sharples
 c. Annie Walker

34. Mavis Riley had a pet what?
 a. Rabbit
 b. Budgie
 c. Goldfish

35. Where do the Barlows live?
 a. No 1 Coronation Street
 b. No 4 Coronation Street
 c. No 13 Coronation Street

36. Alma Sedgewick owned which business?
 a. The Kabin
 b. Jim's Café
 c. The Corner Shop
37. Why was Kelly Crabtree  fired from the factory?
 a. She was an illegal immigrant
 b. Pinching Liam Connor's bum
 c. Stealing knickers from the rejects bin

38. What does Becky Granger drink?
 a. Cider
 b. Lager
 c. White wine spritzer

39. Andy is Steve McDonald's
 a. Older brother
 b. Younger brother
 c. Twin brother

40. What was Sally Webster's maiden name?
 a. Seddon
 b. Ogden
 c. Battersby

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21. b. Emily Bishop
22. c. Drums
23. b. David Platt
24. c. Las Vegas
25. a. Alec Gilroy
26. b. He stood her up  (he climbed out of the window and sent her a text)
27. b. Blackpool
28. b. Pizza
29. b. Betta Buys
30. c. Mike Baldwin
31. a. Postnatal depression
32. b. Jim McDonald
33. a. Gail Potter
34. b. Budgie
35. a. No 1 Coronation St
36. b. Jim's Café
37. c. Stealing knickers from the rejects bin
38. a. Cider
39. c. Twin brother
40. a. Seddon