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Putting the "Terry" in terrible

Terry Duckworth has been a scheming, cheating and lying his way through life on – and off – Coronation Street since he first appeared in 1983.

The only son of Jack and Vera Duckworth, Terry has appeared in over 350 episodes over the last 30 years.

As he terrorises the cobbles once again, remind yourself of some of the schemes and deceptions that have made Terry into the man Corrie viewers love to hate.

The early days…

It’s hard to imagine now, but when Terry first appeared on Jack and Vera’s doorstep way back in 1983, he was actually quite nice! Fresh from serving with the Parachute Regiment, Terry arrived in Coronation Street and immediately made friends with Curly Watts and Kevin Webster.

The three were on hand to provide some light relief moments, with Terry being a bit of a ‘Jack the lad’ and a “chip off the old block” who was always up for a get-rich-quick scheme.


A bad lad

Terry left Coronation Street in 1987, after an affair with a married woman.

When he returned in 1988, looking to borrow money from Jack and Vera, gone was the ‘loveable rogue’ who was the apple of Vera’s eye… Terry’s sinister side was starting to show.


Locked up (part one)

Jack and Vera were shocked when Terry turned up on their doorstep in early 1992, with his new girlfriend Lisa Horton… who was pregnant with Terry’s baby.

Fast-forward to the middle of 1992 and Terry has found himself serving time at Her Majesty’s pleasure – he’s in prison after committing GBH.

It’s left to Lisa to break the news to Jack and Vera.


Runaway groom

Despite still being in prison, Terry and Lisa decide to marry. He’s allowed out on day release and not handcuffed for the ceremony.

Terry uses this to his advantage and makes a run for it while the wedding photos are being taken! His freedom is short-lived, however, when he’s caught a week later and locked up once more. He’ll stay in prison until the end of 1993.

Son for sale (twice!)

While Terry was in prison, Lisa is hit by a car and killed. Jack and Vera stepped in to look after their newborn grandson (Tommy Duckworth) and loved having him around.

When Terry’s released from prison, he realises the earning potential his young son has and sells him to Lisa’s parents, leaving Jack and Vera distraught.

But if that wasn’t enough, a couple of years later he was back in Weatherfield with Tommy in tow, demanding the Horton’s pay even more to keep Tommy.

Terry’s got two other sons – but luckily for them they live with their mothers!


The rover returns

There’s one thing you can always count on when Terry returns to Coronation Street – he wants something!

When Jack and Vera came into money and bought the Rovers, Terry saw the opportunity to get a slice of the pub’s profits.

Jack could always see through Terry’s schemes and so gave him an envelope full of money to take to the bank. Terry decided to do a runner with the cash, however he later found out that the envelope wasn't full of money, but rather just cut up newspaper. Go Jack!



Blood on his hands

Remember Judy Mallet? Terry certainly does.

In 1999 he sold Vera a car that he knew was dodgy. When the car caused an accident that July was involved in, she suffered an embolism and died. The residents of the street held Terry responsible for her death and it was the final straw for Jack and Vera.

Jack told his son how much misery he caused everyone and never to darken their doorstep again, and Vera finally stood up to her son telling him how evil he was, and threw him out.

Selling his body (parts)

Making money off his sons’ misfortunes is definitely a Terry specialty.

In 2000, he turned up when son Paul Clayton needed a kidney transplant. He only agreed to help if Jack paid him. When he got the money, Terry took it and fled, leaving Vera to donate her kidney instead.


Taking Tommy’s inheritance

Terry’s most recent visit has seen him try to fleece his son and put Tina’s life in danger… He's disappeared once more - but will he come back to Weatherfield in the future to cause even more trouble? We'll have to wait and see!



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