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Mother Teresa

Young hoodies begin hanging around the street and target Norris who is alone in the Kabin. The trio snatch some money and Norris is knocked down in the melee. (Norris goes on to install CCTV in spite of Rita's protests.)

The hoodies next try to rob Roy in the café, but he sees them off and is joined in the chase by Jerry and Darryl. However the effort proves too much for Jerry who is soon gasping for air.

Later in the Rovers Jerry continues to look unwell and collapses in the toilet. With Jerry still insisting he's okay an ambulance is called and Jerry is rushed to hospital having suffered a heart attack.

Recovering in hospital Jerry has a surprise visit from his ex-wife Teresa. She claims to have come to help, but Jerry and Mel are suspicious of her motives. However with Darryl and Mel struggling to run the kebab shop and care for Kayleigh and Finlay, Jerry agrees to let her help and she moves into no. 6, much to Mel's disgust.

Fleecing Lloyd

When Teresa heads to the Rovers Lloyd finds himself chatting to Finlay who is left in the smoking shelter. Teresa tells Lloyd that they had a one-night-stand many years ago and as Lloyd takes the bait she tells him that Finlay is his son.

Lloyd is unable to remember the night in question but begins to warm to the idea of being a dad. Meanwhile Teresa plays the dutiful mother, laying on the guilt and begins to hit him up for money.

Jerry returns home, but Teresa convinces him to let her stay on to help out. Jerry agrees but warns her that if she does anything wrong she'll be out.

When money goes missing from the till at the kebab shop Mel immediately suspects Teresa. Teresa admits that she took it, but claims she used it to by games for provided by the hapless Lloyd.

As Teresa continues to take money from Lloyd, Mel becomes suspicious when Lloyd starts asking after brother. Refusing to be fobbed off, she discovers her mother's game and swiftly informs Jerry. Jerry tells Lloyd that he's been had - Finlay's father is a man named Gary and he's had the paternity test to prove it. To Mel's delight Jerry tells Teresa to leave, meanwhile Lloyd's somewhat disappointed to learn he's not a dad.

As Teresa waits for a bus it becomes clear to Jerry that she really has nowhere to go. When Teresa admits Gary has a violent streak, Jerry relents and agrees to let to her stay once more.

Teresa helps out

Mel's not happy that Teresa is staying but Jerry insists it's his house and they need the help. He doesn't want Mel shouldering all the responsibilty that her sister Jodie took on and resenting it.

Mel asks a police colleague to check on her mum's claims of violence and is surprised to find out that, for once, she's not lying. Jerry's horrified when he finds out that Mel investigated her mum.

While Mel tries to get Jerry to do some exercise and lay off the booze, Teresa is proving a bad influence. However when Jerry appears short of breath, Teresa raises the alarm and insists he gets checked out. The doctor tells Jerry that his turn was caused by taking his medication irregularly and Mel wants to cancel her holiday. Jerry insists she goes - he's got Teresa to help out and they plan a way to make sure he takes his pills each day.

Teresa's reluctant to leave and has turned down all the flats Jerry has suggested for her, but she knows that with Mel due back from holiday soon, her days are numbered - Jerry's found a flat for her owned by a mutual friend Mali.

Poisoned chalice

Teresa's enjoying being needed and feels that her and Jerry are getting on well, she even cooks him his favourite curry meal. Knowing that Jerry's poor health is the key him keeping her around, and that too much medication is bad for him, she takes drastic action; grinding up one of his pills and dosing his food with it. In order to replace the missing medication she tells Gail at the medical centre that Jerry lost a packet.

Jerry begins to feel ill from the poisoning, Teresa tells him he's being a drama queen, but Gail worries and arranges for a doctor to visit. The doctor advises rest, but Jerry convinces her that he doesn't need blood tests.

Mel returns from holiday and instantly her and Teresa begin sniping. Mel's keen to know when Teresa will be heading off.  Teresa makes Jerry a farewell meal - laced with pills.

Jerry gives her the money for the flat and she leaves. Arriving at the flat she pleads with Mali to tell Jerry that flat's not ready - that it needs rewiring. Teresa returns. Jerry calls Mali, who backs Teresa's story up, but later Mel gets the truth out of him. Mel threatens to leave if Teresa stays. Jerry doesn't want anyone to leave, but he won't ask Teresa to go. Hurt, Mel heads off to stay with Abi.

Aggravated by all the tension, and suffering from too much medication, Jerry collapses.

Teresa panics but calls an ambulance. Doctors operate to repair a haemorrhage brought on by the blood thinning medication, but warn that he may not make it. As the family gather at the hospital Mel makes peace with her mother. But with the results of Jerry's blood tests due back Teresa fears she'll be found out and packs her bags. She's about to leave when Mel calls to say that Jerry is awake and asking for her. With both Jerry and Mel wanting her around she can't leave.

Jerry expresses his gratitude and seems to be leading to a reconciliation, when Teresa interrupts him to confess that she over-dosed him. Horrified, Jerry tells her to get out and to stay away from his kids.  She pleads with Jerry not to tell them what she's done, and for their sake Jerry lets them think that she's left because of another man.

Mel needs her mum

Mel heads out to celebrate graduating police school with her friend and mentor Abi, but when a fight breaks out at a bar Mel forgets her training and gets involved. Abi steps in and ends up in hospital.

The doctors tell Abi that she's suffered a detached retina. Another serious bump and she could lose her sight, meaning she's confined to a desk job. Mel's upset to hear that Abi's lost the career she loves, but when she hears that the girl responsible is not going to be charged, Mel's furious and decides to take matters into her own hands.

Mel follows the girl to a bar and Teresa tracks her down fearful of what her daughter might do. Teresa convinces Mel not to risk her own career on revenge - it won't do Abi any good and that girl will gets what's coming eventually.

Mel relents, but Teresa follows the girl into the bathroom. After checking that they are alone Teresa takes off her high-heel. Teresa returns to Mel, limping saying that she broke her shoe in a grate. As they head off home an ambulance arrives.

Mel's grateful to Teresa, and is finally prepared to give her mother a second chance. Jerry's horrified the find her around, but can't say anything in front of the kids.

The arrest

When she starts making cakes Jerry reacts angrily; the poisoning fresh in his memory. Teresa tries to convince Jerry that she's changed and really wants to be there for her kids; she tells Jerry what she did for Mel.

Mel, Darryl and the kids arrive to overhear them talking about the pills and the secret is out. Jerry just wants Teresa gone, but Mel isn't having it - still in her uniform she places Teresa under arrest on suspicion of attempted murder.

Mel takes her mother down to the station but Jerry tells the Sarg that it was just a mistake with his medication. Mel's angry that Jerry wouldn't let her be prosecuted, but Jerry said he only did it to spare the kids from public humiliation.  He tells her to get out of their lives for good.


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