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Friday June 7

The four amigos have a hostage situation.
Having 'accidentally' kidnapped Leon the three lads have a council of war about the situation. Panicking over what to do and turning on each other they confide in Gary. He can't believe the mess they've got into and refuses to get involved. But when
Chesney returns from the prison in bits, having seen the state Fiz is in, Gary reluctantly agrees to help. However as they head to the butchers' (where Leon is hidden) they're horrified to see an estate agent outside.

Kylie nervously visits Max.
Max is wary as Kylie visits him on his birthday. She works hard to win his attention but back on the street she's despondent, wondering if Max is better off where he is.

Carla begins to have cold feet about the wedding.
When Frank takes Carla house-hunting she finds herself agreeing to put an offer in on a fairytale home. Frank's in the driving seat but is Carla scared by his speed?

Elsewhere Steve's frantic as he still hasn't heard from Tracy's and Amy's now due back in school. Becky is offered a bar manager's job pending references.


*Captions available on TVNZ Teletext page 801