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Back in bed with Carla

After a  secret affair and with Tony buying out Liam from Underworld, Carla and Liam have officially ended their relationship - both business and romantic. 

But when Liam sets up business with his cousin Tom they find themselves in need of an investor.

Tom tells Liam of a business opportunity for Lad Rags; the exclusive distribution rights to an American brand. All they need is some money to buy in. However with Liam and Maria trying for another baby  Liam's not willing to tie up any more of his funds.

Sporting a black eye from Marcus Tom goes to the bank and returns confident that he's got the loan. He tells Liam that it's in the bag. But when the bank turns him down Tom turns to Carla. She's happy to provide the money, but says she wants a share of the business in return. Tom agrees without asking Liam.

When Liam joins Tom to celebrate and finds Carla there, he tells her it's a private party. He's horrified when she tells him that she's a partner and enjoys holding it over him.

Liam goes to Carla's flat to ask her to let them buy her out. He's worried about Maria's reaction and doesn't care about the deal; he just wants to make his marriage to work. He points out that Tony isn't going to be happy with the arrangement either. Carla assures him that she'll be a silent partner.

Liam tells Tom not to tell Maria about Carla being involved. Tom's puzzled by Liam's aversion to Carla and asks if anything has ever gone on between them. Liam denies it, but Tom enjoys flirting with Carla - and it seems to be mutual. Liam's not happy about being involved with Carla, but he seems even less pleased with the thought of Tom getting tangled up with her.

Toms excited about a trip to New York on "business" but Maria tells Liam that Tom is going alone - she wants Liam at home for some "quality time." Carla enjoys teasing Liam about being under Maria's thumb.


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