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Sunday exposes explicit website

Published: 8:52PM Sunday August 14, 2005 Source: Sunday

Sunday investigates a kiwi man now living in Germany who runs a website exploiting young girls. Glenn Holland has succeeded in publishing and profiting from the images of pubescent girls sometimes without their knowledge.

The investigation has forced Holland to shut down his website, but considerable damage has already been done.

Eileen Beintner, who now believes Holland may be a paedophile, says she was 14 when he told her she could be very famous "with the photos on the website".

The man she is talking about is a New Zealand photographer based in Hamburg for the past five years. Holland claims to be connected to the rich and powerful, to have helped Rachel Hunter to stardom and to be a close personal friend of business partner and famous English photographer David Hamilton.

Holland's main interest is in expanding his website which is dedicated to girls, often very young, wearing very little clothing or nothing at all.

Sunday broke into his pay to view website and found images of girls, barely ready for school, looking like hookers. Holland proudly claims that some of the 1500 images are New Zealand girls. But he gets away with it, despite having convictions for sex offences.

Holland says he doesn't break laws and what he does in Germany is legal.

Sunday first reported on him seven years ago when he was hanging out in Auckland shopping malls, stalking little girls. Back then he claimed to be a misunderstood artist and was not exploiting children merely relating to them.

But one Auckland mother describes Glenn Holland as a "very cunning, very clever, highly manipulative and dangerous man".

She says she asked Holland directly whether he sexualised the images of children he photographed. She says the emphatic answer she got back was no and that Holland went on to a long discussion about how he abhorred the exploitation of children in that way.

The mother says she was alarmed when she allegedly saw him pushing up her daughter's skirt.

"I was in such a state of shock I couldn't articulate clearly except to let him know that this was not on."

Sprung by the media in Brisbane in the early 1980s, Holland just got bolder. In Sydney he molested a young Auckland woman, then aged 11. The incident led to him becoming a convicted paedophile and he served two years in a Sydney jail for six sex crimes with a child.

In 2000 he was convicted again, this time in Auckland, for importing child sex pornography.

But Holland has gained residency in Germany after marrying a transsexual. It's no surprise he chose Hamburg as his new home because it is one of the most liberal cities in one of the most liberal countries in the world.

The age of consent is 14 in Germany and what constitutes pornography in most other parts of the world is perfectly legal.

Eileen told Sunday Holland asked if she would like him to take photos of her and she agreed. She says he told her she was beautiful and looked like a model and that she would be famous if he put her pictures on the website. She was naked in the shots.

Eileen says her parents were very happy about it and hoped their daughter would become famous and make money.

However, Eileen says she was terribly thin at the time due to an illness and looked much younger than her actual age. She says she became friends with Holland despite their 40 year age difference and she was shocked when he made a sexual advance while giving her a massage.

"He touched and kissed my whole body from the breast... to the other area which is very intimate."

She says when she told him to stop, Holland told her that other models liked it and came to him for it. Their friendship ended and Eileen never became a model. She remembers the photos Holland took of her - naked and exposed -  and believed her pictures were never on the internet because she never got paid.

When Sunday showed Eileen images on Holland's website she was disturbed to see at least  20  images of her among the most graphic on the site.

But there are many more models on Holland's subscription only website - making money for him. He also runs David Hamilton's site and Sunday has been told the two sites combined have brought in income of around $NZ15,000 a month. Members can buy prints of the images and even pay to take their own photos of some of the models on the site.

In New Zealand many of the images would be classified objectionable - they are similar to other Holland photography which has come before the censor and been banned. People who produce it or possess it can be fined or jailed.

But in Germany Holland can go about his business. Detective Marcus Lemar of the Hamburg police says although they know about his criminal past they can't investigate because it is not a crime in Germany.

Lemar works in a unit specialising in crimes against children but says because parts of the body are not shown in focus it's not illegal to produce such photos. Although the genitals are visible in some of the photos, Lemar says the lack of detail in the images means it is not a criminal offence.

Lemar believes Holland travels to Russia or other East European countries to make contact with girls and bring them to Germany for the photos.

The photos, available to paying subscribers, were meant to have been destroyed by court order.

Sunday tried repeatedly to speak with Glenn Holland, who no longer lives with his transsexual wife, but no one responded.

However, just a couple of hours after their visit to his home he shut down his website. Three weeks later the site is still down and Holland's name has been removed from his business partner, David Hamilton's, website.

In June one of Hamilton's books was found to be indecent in a British court.

Meanwhile, the mother of the young Auckland girl who Sunday interviewed seven years ago was distressed to learn her daughter's images were still being shown on Hamilton's website.

"He's abusing her every day," she says.

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