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Broadcasting from the basement of TVNZ Auckland, Studio 2 LIVE is returning to your screens for your afternoon viewing pleasure!

This year all your old favourites are back along with some brand new segments and we've added a flash new coat of paint to the Studio walls.

Oh and did we mention we've got PS3s to give away?!
We've been working on heaps of great new segments which will have you giggling all afternoon!

Poppa Vawdrey, (Dayna's Granddad) will be taking time out from the lawn bowls to offer the young people of New Zealand a spoon full of good old fashioned advice. Warning! Use advice with extreme caution.

Follow the saga of "Dramatic teen vampire movie", Studio 2's answer to Twilight.

And don't forget to catch up on what Stu's BF Leslie has been up to in London town; will Leslie ever get a real girlfriend? Stay tuned to find out.

And as always you guys at home get to play a huge part in the running of the only live daily kid's show in NZ!

Got a question about your pup for our resident vet? Send it on in!

Do you think Matt should be cream pied? Well you can text vote!

Got something you just have to chat about, well you can! Head to our very own website and you can chat with peeps all over Aotearoa!

2010 promises to be the best year ever for Studio 2 LIVE, so stay tuned to your telly's from 3.30pm weekdays because anything and everything can happen!

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