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Lollies fetching tangy prices on TradeMe

Published: 8:48PM Thursday October 23, 2008

Lolly fans are paying up to $8.50 for a bag of Snifters as the sweets disappear from shop shelves around New Zealand.

The manufacturers axed Snifters, Sparkles and Tangy Fruits last month and the remaining stock is being sold as a collectors item for four times the original price on Trade Me.

Twenty bags of Snifters are going for around $170.

Or you could go for 12 pots of Tangy Fruits for a cool $100 or more.

And 20 packets of Sparkles are heading for more than $50.

But if you are thinking that you might be rich from the purchase down the track, you might want to think again.

Anthony Gallagher from Dunbar Sloane says that from their point of view, they have no value whatsoever.

"Down the years maybe the packaging, you know, might sell as an interesting piece of social history," he says.

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