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Campaigning with John Key

Published: 8:05PM Sunday June 08, 2008 Source: ONE News

National leader John Key is still new to the brutal world of politics yet on current polling he is set to be the next prime minister.

ONE News deputy political editor Francesca Mold spends a day on the campaign trail with Key who is in hot demand.

Key is a newbie when it comes to campaigning but he's out and about meeting movers and shakers.

For Key the closed door meetings are often more important than the public talkfests.

It's an opportunity for businesses and local leaders to talk openly with him about what to expect under his potential government.

Key says the party has already outlined 14 different policies and says he is determined to be his own person.

"You have to believe in what you're promoting and the way you're taking both the party and the country," says Key.

It's a tough challenge  for the relative newcomer to politics, but one that he's relishing.

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