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Most wanted list missing in action

Published: 6:22PM Friday June 29, 2007 Source: One News

A ONE News investigation has discovered New Zealand doesn't have a national database of people wanted by police and no one is actively looking for them.

Until Friday morning there were 40 mugshots of people listed as "wanted" by police on their website .

Warwick Joesph Mack has been on the list for the longest amount of time, but he is not necessarily the most wanted.

"I wouldn't say he's our most wanted. He's been oustanding since February last year, that's a long time and we always like to get our men," says Detective Sergeant Sean Hyland-Mills of the Waitakere Crime Investigation Bureau.

But according to Hyland-Mills and Detective Superintedent Win Van Der Velde there is no dedicated member of police looking for any of those on the wanted list.

After talking to ONE News, police decided they needed to do an audit to see exactly who is on the website, and if they are still wanted.

Most of the pictures come from the television show Police Ten 7 and police headquarters says it actually has no idea how many people are wanted by police - there is no national database or list.

"I couldn't tell you within each district who those people were or what the nature of the offence was," says Van Der Velde.

Police couldn't even name New Zealand's most wanted fugitive.

"I can tell you that I'll be doing some work around that, to not only see who's on there but who else we can put on there, so that we do get the public support when they check our police website as to who's wanted and whether they can help us," says Van der Velde.

The audited "wanted list" should be back on the website soon.