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Come Dine with Me


About Come Dine With Me

Weekdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 8.30pm

About the show:

Come Dine With Me sees four very different people compete to be named the ultimate dinner party host.

Over the course of a week, four complete strangers take turns to host what they hope will be a perfect evening of entertainment in their own homes.

As the evening ends, their fellow contestants judge them on their menu, hospitality and presentation, and at the end of the week the person with the highest rating takes home a cash prize.

Come Dine With Me taps into our fundamental lifestyle differences - one person's domestic style can be another's worst nightmare!

The series is not just about finding the best amateur chef in the group, its about the whole package: people's homes, their tastes, their social skills and their attitudes to life.

The series makes for compulsive viewing as contestants with diverse personalities and backgrounds feud, make unexpected friendships and clash over culinary choices.

Featuring members of the public, the format also lends itself to celebrity specials, allowing viewers a unique insight into the lives of famous people.

For recipes visit the official Come Dine With Me site here .