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Close Up: Wednesday March 28

Published: 5:41PM Wednesday March 28, 2012 Source: Close Up

Expensive mouse trap
Gareth Morgan is a man on a mission after a trip to New Zealand's Antipodes Islands.

Morgan wants to save the rare wildlife he saw on the islands, 800 kilometres south of Bluff, from mice.

He's offering to stump up a fair share of the million dollar job as long as the public gets on board.

Mark Crysell reports.

Donations can be made at

Clearer picture
Starship Hospital is to get new state-of-the-art monitors, especially for the brain.

The monitors will give a clearer picture of what is going on and are expected to save a lot of heartache for parents whose children have suffered brain injuries.

The new equipment wasn't in use when five-year old Mereoni suffered a serious aneurysm, resulting in a lot of uncertainty for mum and dad.

They talk to Gill Higgins.

Retro caravans
A growing movement of campers enjoy remembering long lazy days at the beach.

They are the lovers of retro caravans - the pride and joy of a once thriving caravan manufacturing industry in New Zealand.

The campers will be at the beach hop at Whangamata this weekend and Michael Holland finds small is big in the retro world.