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Wed Jan 26: Remembering Auschwitz

60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

We Must Never Forget 
This week marks the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the biggest of the Nazi death camps - Auschwitz in Poland. Holocaust survivor, Hanka Pressburg, says we must never forget where racial hatred can lead.
An estimated six million Jews died in concentration camps during World War II, along with five million others. It was a carefully planned and deliberate act of mass murder.  
Pressburg is amongst the few Holocaust survivors that made it to New Zealand after the war and only a handful remain.

Remember the Holocaust
Auschwitz went silent 60 years ago, but this monument to human savagery still has the power to shock and stun visitors.
Professor David Cesarani, who specialises in Jewish history at Royal Holloway, University of London, says it's our duty to make sure the young listen to the Holocaust survivors and pledge to them we will not let it happen again.       

Great Grandma Frieda 
Deborah Levy is a 19-year-old New Zealand Jew who recently went with 15 other Jewish women to study anti-Semitism in Europe.
The research took her through the gates of Auschwitz - the Nazi death camp that claimed the life of her great grandmother Frieda Kohn.

The Butterfly Poem
Pavel Friedmann was just eleven years old when his family was forced to leave their home in Czechoslovakia for the ghetto Terezin. It was in concrete ghetto walls that Friedmann saw a lone butterfly. It would be the last butterfly he would see. 
After 12 years living in the ghettoes and Auschwitz, Pavel Friedmann died... He was just 23.