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Wed Feb 2: Working mums; Weight loss

Story One - Women in the Workforce

Prime Minister Helen Clark's State of the Nation speech yesterday included plans to encourage women to return to the workforce. Amongst the suggestions being looked at are extending the eligibility criteria for childcare subsidies, longer parental leave periods and improved pay for women. Hannah Hodson meets one mum who prefers to stay at home with the kids and Bryan Seymour talks to one who's happy to work. And in the studio Susan Wood talks to Helen Clark about the proposed initiatives.

Story Two - Update on the Pope's Condition

CNN Vatican analyst Delia Gallagher gives an update the condition of 84-year-old Pope John Paul II, who was rushed to hospital in Rome suffering from breathing difficulties brought on by the 'flu.

Story Three - Beating the Obesity Cycle

Mark Hannan talks to Kelly and her mother Tina who have turned their lives around with a determined effort to lose weight. Kelly has lost more than 60 kilos over the past year; her mother Tina over 40. When Kelly joined Weight Watchers a year ago, she was desperate. She wouldn't even walk as far as her own letterbox and knew her life was at risk. Her mother, determined to help her daughter live, decided to join her in her huge challenge. Now the pair have rebuilt their relationship and changed their lives - and Kelly knows she will be there for her three children.