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Wed Apr 20: New Pope; Schapelle Corby; Tongue Brushing

New Pope, Old Ideas
Has much changed with the appointment of Pope Benedict XVI? Susan Wood talks to Kiwi priest Craig Larkin at the Vatican about the choice of Joseph Ratzinger, and in the studio Professor Peter Lineham discusses what it all means for the Catholic church.

Schapelle Corby
Alleged Aussie drug trafficker Schapelle Corby returns to an Indonesian court to find out her fate. Michael Holland talks to a Kiwi who is supporting to her, and Susan Wood talks to the Aussie money man trying to save her life.

Tongue Brushing
It's on everyone's lips. John Sellwood finds out that furry isn't cute when it comes to tongue brushing. Is brushing your tongue a necessity for dental hygiene, or just another gimmick to sell another oral hygiene product?