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Close Up: Tuesday, May 29

Published: 7:05PM Tuesday May 29, 2012 Source: Close Up

Hekia Parata on teacher cuts

Will woodwork classes and other tech subjects be the casualties of Budget cuts that mean schools have to manage with less teachers?

Is it important for your kids to learn more than just maths and English, or should we give up on this sort of thing?

Close Up talks to Hekia Parata, while Alexi O'Brien finds out what your kids could be missing out on.

Mother's quest for law change

We can't possibly imagine it, can we? Being a parent trying to cope with the violent loss of a child.

That's the cruel reality for Tracey Marceau, whose late daughter Christie is the face of a major push for tougher bail laws.

Today was a red letter day with Tracey and supporters taking their petition for "Christie's Law" to Parliament

Michael Holland with Tracey's journey.

Is 'user pays' the solution to binge-drinking?

After Close Up's story last night, ideas for dealing with the binge culture came flooding in and a familiar theme came up - user pays.

Geraldine summed it up with "if folk are drunk and injured, make them pay for it."

Close Up puts the idea to Justice Minister Judith Collins.

Man versus wild: Could you do it?

Could you make a shelter, keep warm and suck down bugs for sustenance?

There's now an adventure experience in Queenstown challenging you to do just that.

Matt Chisholm checked it out.