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Tue June 14: Jackson Acquitted; Blood Story; Zoe Bell

Jackson Acquitted
Unlike in New Zealand, the jury in US cases can talk about their verdict aftewards. We show some of their answers given to the media pack that awaited them. Plus Mark Sainsbury talks to Fox legal analyst Bob Massi about the Michael Jackson case and how the verdict may have come about. 

Michelle's Story
Today is World Blood Day and Michelle Heron wanted to be part of the New Zealand Blood Service campaign to encourage people to give blood. Her condition has meant that she's been given precious extra time through blood transfusions. She tells Connie Buchanan what the gift of blood can mean.  For more information on giving blood call 0800 GIVE BLOOD or go to the NZ Blood Service site.

Stuntwoman Extraordinaire
Hadyn Jones meets up with Kiwi stuntwoman Zoe Bell, a documentary about whom will screen at the New Zealand International Film Festival  . The doco, Double Dare, shows American veteran stuntwoman Jeannie Epper teaching Zoe the ropes.