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Tue Jul 12: Sounds Mystery; Deer Hunter; Harry Potter Winner

Sounds Mystery Continues
A couple of months ago, TVNZ investigative reporter Brent Fraser told a two-part story on CloseUp that raised fresh questions about the disappearance of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope seven years ago. Out of those programmes came a discussion with a Wellington scientist and his wife who say they told police about what they saw days before the investigation began. But they were recently shocked to discover their official police statement differed from what they said they had told police. Brent Fraser tells their story. 

The Deer Hunter
If you're a deer living in Northland you're a marked animal. Northland is one of the few spots in the country that has managed to eradicate wild deer, and it's largely down to the efforts of the Department of Conservation's Allan Gardiner. He has a sixth sense when it comes to sniffing out deer. Robyn Janes went along to find out how he does it.

Muggles Away!
Young Ani Morison of Seddon, Marlborough, is winging her way to Edinburgh to become one of 70 "cub reporters" from around the world who ask a question of JK Rowling after having received a copy of the latest Harry Potter book "The Half-Blood Prince". Ani won a competition in the Sunday Star-Times newspaper and the 10-year-old schoolgirl will take along her mum Charlene, but there are parts of the exciting, exclusive event even mum isn't allowed to attend... such as a sumptuous banquet in Edinburgh Castle, with the other cub reporters. Before Ani left for her big adventure, she shared a bit of excitement with Jendy Harper.
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