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Close Up: Thursday September 6

Published: 5:12PM Thursday September 06, 2012 Source: Close Up

Meningococcal vaccine debate

If you want to protect your child from meningococcal C the advice from the Government's top health adviser tonight is pay for the vaccine yourself.

It is a controversial and emotionally charged issue with the coroner and parents urging the Government to act.

But the argument has always been the numbers don't stack up - little comfort to Letitia Gallagher's parents who are paying the price.

Letitia's organs were donated and her parents say that it's saved many lives and will save others in the future.

Mark and Lisa Gallagher have  received the bill for Letitia's funeral and say they will struggle to pay the $10,000 bill.

If you want to contribute to Letitia's funeral costs please donate to the Bank Account below.

Name - M & L Gallagher

Account Number - 38-9001-0919650-00

Grateful New Zealander

Egon Schoenberger fled from the Nazis to the other side of the world - one of only 100 Jewish refugees that our Government allowed to come here.

Egon treasured his permit to enter New Zealand and a few years ago his family gifted his diary and papers to Auckland Museum.

Mark Crysell reports.

Buzzy bee outgrows its lodgings

Classic piece of Kiwiana looking for a new home.