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Thursday January 20

STORY ONE - Show Me The Money

Trade unions say employees deserve more money and the time is right to demand more from their bosses. New Zealand companies are enjoying high levels of profitability and the government is creaming the tax.

But wages remain weak despite record low unemployment and the most sustained economic growth in 40 years. Susan Wood talks to Peter Conway, economist for the New Council of Trade Unions and Phil O'Reilly, chief executive of Business NZ about the pros and cons of raising workers' wages.

STORY TWO - "Little Baby Moses"

A newborn infant was found abandoned and dead under a bush in a Hawke's Bay garden around January 3. He was named baby Moses by police and the community, and given a funeral on January 13.  Was his dumping a sinister act or was it the act of a woman embarrassed and suffering the anguish of being unable to cope with an unwanted pregnancy?  Hannah Hodson visits Hastings to find out. If you are the mother or know anything about her, please email us .

STORY THREE - Yorkshire Coalminers Down Under

The shortage of miners in New Zealand has seen English miners imported to work in coalmines on the West Coast of the South Island. Until recently, the coal mining industry in New Zealand was in decline, but suddenly it's booming again. John Sellwood meets the men from Yorkshire who have left their homes in Britain to start a new life in New Zealand.