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Thu Nov 9: Rumsfeld Resigns; South Auckland Boxing Gym; Classic Car Museum

Rumsfeld Resigns
Donald Rumsfeld's resignation as Secretary of Defense today marks the end of a 44 year career in American politics. It's a career so long that not only was he the youngest Secretary of Defense, under President Gerald Ford in the 1970's, but also the longest serving, and the oldest, at age 74 under George W. Bush. Rumsfeld was at the core of a group dubbed the Neocons, the new conservatives and the hawkes in the Bush administration, who became the architects of the White House 'War on Terror'.

Whether in his political life, or as a businessman, Rumsfeld has never been far from controversy, but never so much as the events which led to today's resignation. Damian Christie profiles the Washington Hawk. Then Mark Sainsbury interviews Richard V. Allen, a former Presidential Advisor and a friend and colleague of Donald Rumsfeld's for the past 40 years.

Boxing On
In July, 19 year-old up and coming boxer Kelly Lawrence was fatally stabbed as he walked past a group of young people on a Mangere street. Kelly became another homicide statistic. It's been a brutal year for South Auckland. Behind the statistics is a socially disturbing trend towards street gangs - made up mostly of school age children. On one hand there are calls to get tough but there are also a call to get in and nip it in the bud before the spiral of crime begins. There are various agencies and community groups trying to do something, but so are the guys from Vili's Gym, where Kelly Lawrence used to train. They want to use boxing to channel the street violence into something more positive. Laurna White met with the boxers.

*This Saturday (11/9) Vili's Boxing Gym has organised a rumble in the south at the Telstra Clear Pacific Stadium to help raise money for the gym, to help kids in their community and remember Kelly.

Classic Car Collection
Ray Singleton has spent the best years of his life indulging his passion for vintage cars,  and at the same time building up a tourism icon. Ray has lived and breathed the Te Puke Vintage Auto Barn for the last 22 years but waning health and the lack of a buyer have forced him to close the doors for good. This weekend, the museum's ninety-odd vehicles go under the hammer in one of Australiasia's biggest classic car auctions in years. Ray's friends say the reality that many of his old treasures will soon be in new hands hasn't quite hit home yet. Michael Holland met the man with petrol in his veins.

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