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Thu Dec 14: Ipswich; Flatheads; Dawson Primary

In Britain right now they're focussed on finding the killer of five prostitutes, five women who, police believe, have died at the hands of one man.
We speak with local Labour MP, Chris Mole and Leader of the Ipswich Borough Council, Elizabeth Harsant about the mood in Ipswich now.

Two in every ten babies will develop a flat or misshapen head. It can be quite alarming. and quite common. It's caused by sleeping in the same position. And while most flat heads will even out eventually a few may stay that way forever hidden only by hair.  Jendy Harper investigates this condition known as plagiocephaly.

Dawson Primary
School principal Nelson Eagleton has spent more than half of his four working decades dedicated to some of our lowest decile schools, the most recent is Dawson Primary in Otara where he's been principal for seventeen years. Next week he's giving it all away . Michael Holland was there for his colourful farewell.