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Close Up: Monday, March 19

Published: 8:11PM Monday March 19, 2012 Source: Close Up

Kiwi children promised fame... for a price

Some American talent scouts have been holding auditions in New Zealand over the weekend - auditions attended by hundreds of young hopefuls.

But the focus some parents experienced here mirrors what happened when the same outfit operated across the Tasman - money.

Michael Holland investigates.

Nick Smith on local government reforms

What your council spends and how it spends impacts on your pocket, be it rates if you own a house, rent if you don't and then the charges for everything a council provides.

Some councils around the country are in big trouble. Kaipara District's debts have risen 1000% since 2002 and if you live there, you each owe more than $4000.

So does the Government coming out and saying it's going to get better actually mean anything?

Local Government minister Nick Smith joins Close Up.

Curling's golden family

One of the powerhouse families of the New Zealand curling world is the Beckers.

The brothers make up half the men's team, dad's the coach then there's the women in the family.

Abby Scott headed to the curling capital of New Zealand, Naseby in central Otago.